Selecting the Correct Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge

There are a few considerations in choosing the correct Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge / instrument:

1. Is your application on a wet or dry coating. If it is a wet coating this will be covered in a future article
2. Is your coating on a metallic or non metallic substrate. If it is a non metallic substrate such as wood, plaster, concrete, plastic, rubber or similar then I will cover that in a future article

If your application is a dry film coating thickness on a metal substrate then the following questions will pinpoint the correct unit for you.

1. Is your application in a blasting environment where the substrate is rough or will the application be on a smooth substrate such as in an automotive or powder coating environment. If your application is a rough surface then proceed to the next question. We will cover the smooth application in a future article.

2. Are you measuring on Ferrous eg Steel, Non Ferrous eg Aluminium or on both. This would determine whether you require an F, NF or FNF unit.

3. Do you require the instrument to download to a computer. If the answer is no then a Basic Model ie B will suffice while if the answer is yes then you have the choice between: Standard unit – download 1,500 readings in 1 batch or the Top unit – download up to 150,000 readings in up to 2,500 batches. The ElcoMaster 2.0 software has just been launched and comes free with the Standard and Top models.

4. Do you require an integral ie I or a separate probe ie S model. An Integral probe is part of the unit and is the more popular model with its one handed operation and its increased robustness. The Separate probe model is better for more difficult to access areas or for smaller areas where you also have the option of Right Angle, Telescopic and Miniature probes. You would also be able to use the new Elcometer scan probe if you went for a separate probe option (scan mode only with T model). 5. What thickness are you measuring? The Scale 1 measures up to 1500 microns, the Scale 2 up to 5mm (5,000 microns) and the Scale 3 up to 13mm. There are also probes that measure up to 30mm. The scan probe also has a Scale 2 probe which can measure to approximately 5mm.

How Easy Is It To Create A Digital Product?

A digital product is something that your customer can download instantly to their computer and use right away. And once you create a digital product, you can sell it over and over. You don’t have to be an expert to create a digital product such as an eBook or video course. Let’s look at how you can do it.

No Market Is Too Crowded

There might be hundreds of eBooks, videos or reports in your marketplace about your product or service but that’s not to say that you cannot also create one. People who are into a particular market don’t just read one book or watch one video and stop. In most areas of interest, people are looking for new ideas or different views. I f there is a lot of competition in your market, it’s an indication that the demand is out there. So you want to create your own product and share your ideas too!

Start Small When You Create Your Own Product

Even though there is a great deal of free information online, people know that everything on the internet is not always 100% correct. If somebody wants top quality and reliable information in the fastest way possible, they will pay for it. And you don’t have to produce a massive multi-page eBook. Potential customers want value for their money, just start small and write a 10-page report filled with useful tips and sell it for a few dollars.

Producing an eBook

When you create a digital product like an eBook, try to start a narrow topic rather than broad subject. For example rather than ‘Buying The Ideal Christmas Toy‘, try ‘How To Buy The Ideal Christmas Toy For Children Aged 3 to 5’. To find ideas, do some research on news and industry websites, in forums, on blogs and in keyword tools.

When you’ve completed your text, convert it into a PDF and look at a way of selling it. You can use a website like ClickBank or JVZoo to sell it from. It helps to have an eye catching front cover, and there are lots of free graphic design software tools online.

Making A Product With Video

Using video is another way to create a digital product. People like videos as they can see as they learn. You can upload the videos that you make into a private area of your website where only the paid buyers can gain access.

Keep in mind that not everybody has access to the high internet speeds required to watch videos. So it’s always helpful to have a transcript available to download and even an audio mp3 version that your customers can to listen too whilst on the go.

Download Restaurant POS Software for Better Optimization of Your Business

If you are a restaurant or café owner then you probably know the advantage of having a good POS system. Obviously, you never want your customers waiting for their food bill while your staff enter the transaction details manually in the system. To avoid this chaotic situation, it is very necessary to download restaurant POS software on your restaurant system.

How restaurant sales software works?

A POS system is a comprehensive solution for solving all your restaurant management tasks. From mapping restaurant tables to keep a track record of kitchen supplies and production; this software performs every task efficiently. The system also offers the flexibility to choose different user rights for restaurant managers and waiters. This enables the managers and even waiters to use the POS system with ease.

More functionality of the system includes searching a product or order by code or name. You can even scan the bar code of any packed food item and store it in your system for future reference.

Hardware need for POS

To download and to use the software for tracking restaurant sales efficiently, you need not have a long list of hardware. Only you need a tablet or mobile device with Android operating system or iOS. For printing bills and other documents, you need a printer USB, Bluetooth or LAN. You need a bar code scanner to scan the code of products and a cash drawer to keep the cash safely at the counter. Although the device with software is movable, you can keep it on the counter over a tablet stand, which is easily available at any mobile accessory shop. So with few items, you are ready to watch your restaurant business efficiently.

Installation requirements for POS

As smart devices are easy to use and applications available on the OS make the devices even more functional, the Point Of Sale software is also very easy to install. It is accessible on Android based mobile devices and on iOS devices. Simply download restaurant POS software on your device, register to acquire an account ID and you are good to go!

Software pricing

No facility comes free and this applies to this software as well. Although application is available for ‘Free’, there are no services available in it except the basic ones. However, you can opt for standard and professional subscription of the software by paying annual charges.

As per the overall review of the restaurant POS software, one thing is sure that this system definitely changes the way your food business operates. So get going!